Hello! Sara here! Um...yeah...

Aargh! There be spoilers here! This is a blog containing many things...a lot of The Avengers, Game of Thrones (the books & the show), Dinosaurs-lots of those extinct bitches, plenty of Once Upon A Time, Rise of the Guardians, steampunk things galore, Firefly, a fair amount of Disney stuff, Supernatural, a pinch of Merlin, The Walking Dead, a bucketful of Harry Potter, a dash of Scrubs and Justified, possibly some Gaslight Anthem and The Killers, bookish things (Retribution Falls and the like), and, of course, some other shit too all mixed into one horrifyingly questionable potion. So, enjoy!

Oh! And here's a list of the blogs I run/help run! As a side note, of course.

The Daryl Dixon Blog: daryldixonisgod.tumblr.com

The Bookish Blog: bookishfellows.tumblr.com

The Fullmetal Alchemist/Anime/Manga blog: the-avaricious-greed.tumblr.com

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